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Allergy. Oct;46(7) Histamine measurement in whole blood and cell supernatants. A comparative study of two different radioimmunoassays.

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Histamine as an important mediator of the allergic reaction has been measured by a number of methods both in whole blood and cell supernatants after in vitro.

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A great many authors have described whole blood histamine measurements, both in normal humans and in subjects with various diseases (see Ref. 1 for.

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The single isotopic-enzymatic assay of histamine was modified to increase its sensitivity and to facilitate measurement of plasma histamine levels.

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Histamine is released from activated mast cells, often in an allergic response. Histamine tests measure it in blood or urine to confirm that a.

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Whole Blood Histamine. Use. Measure histamine that was released in vivo prior to collection of the This is not the Leukocyte Histamine Release Test (LHRT).

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A method is described for measuring histamine in plasma by development of fluorescence with o-phthalaldehyde, after separation of the histamine from most.

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The normal histamine content of human blood as determined by bio- assay ranges . duced a red color, and at pH , obtained by the addition of a measured.