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This is fourth edition of Treatment of tuberculosis: guidelines, adhering fully to the new WHO process for evidence-based guidelines. Several important.

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WHO guidelines on tuberculosis: guidelines approved by the Guidelines Review WHO treatment guidelines for drug-resistant tuberculosis ( update).

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x. Summary of changes in the new guidelines and policy recommendations on treatment of drug-susceptible TB and patient care in other existing WHO.

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The WHO Guidelines for treatment of drug-susceptible tuberculosis and patient care ( update) contains policy recommendations on priority areas in the.

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A key highlight in the current guidelines are the recommendations on the duration of the timing of HIV and TB therapy for patients living with HIV.

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For initial empiric treatment of TB, start patients on a 4-drug regimen: . Provisional guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and.

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The choice of TB regimens in special situations (pregnancy, concurrent use of oral contraceptives, liver disease, and renal failure) is covered in Chapter 8; TB.

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Rapid Communication: Key changes to treatment of NICE guideline on TB treatment and prevention (); ECDC.

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The updated WHO treatment guidelines recommend that care and affected individuals to update its MDR/RR-TB treatment policy.