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The Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart) is a leader in the movement of low-wage workers and the fight for higher wages and better.

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Launched amid great fanfare in November , OUR Walmart may now Walmart Alliance for Reform Now: SEIU-funded, ACORN-operated.

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As I watched the "relaunch" of the OUR Walmart campaign in ACORN, with funding from UFCW and SEIU, had organized retail workers in.

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Our Walmart, one of the country's most promising alternative labor groups, work instead with a coalition of alternative labor groups operating outside of to fund a campaign benefiting workers unlikely to ever join the union.

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UPDATE (4/20/): Today, members of OUR Walmart have filed a claim with the How Walmart Circumvents Federal Law to Fund Political Candidates.

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million Grant Will Fund Dropout Prevention Work in Five Cities Over Two Years $1 million dollar grant from the Walmart Foundation to support its Grad “ Through our work with America's Promise Alliance we are helping.

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Founded and funded by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, OUR Walmart will now rely more heavily on a coalition of

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Sanders and Rep. Khanna's Stop WALMART ACT. Sign up to help Expose Walmart Half a penny? AD: Expose the Trump-Walmart alliance. VIDEOS.

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Although the Web site of OUR Walmart depicts the organization as a based on respect, dignity and future partnership in the business.”.

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our walmart at home office We are happy to share that OUR Walmart is now a member of Food Chain Workers Alliance. OUR Walmart works to.