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Strain Overview: A classic sativa strain from Hawaii, Maui Wowie has been around for ages. Sweet and fruity, Maui Wowie’s tropical flavor is hard to resist. Grow Techniques: Maui Wowie performs best outside in a tropical climate with long summers, as most sativas take a long time.

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Find information about the Maui Wowie cannabis strain including reviews from other users, For details, visit the link to the strain grow supplement below.

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Growing weed from Maui Wowie cannabis seeds and cuttings is rated as comparatively.

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Maui Waui originated as an outdoor grow on the island of Maui and almost immediately spread to all the Hawaiian Islands. Unfortunately the strain's exact.

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Although the seeds can be purchased and grown anywhere, there remains a distinct difference between island-grown Maui Wowie and plants grown on the.

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Maui Wowie strain will put you in the best possible mood. The plant is easy to grow because it's highly resistant to pest and diseases. Read more info.

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Since the 's, "Maui Wowie" (or "Waui") was known as an especially exotic Most Maui strains grow tall and lanky and may need support when flowering.

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Stain review of Maui Wowie by 14 medical cannabis patients. Includes lab results , notes on growing Maui and close up photos.