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This is not an attractive proposition for most stock market investors. It is currently Uber in Why doesn't Uber go public yet (February )?. 2, Views.

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If the car-sharing app does hit the market in it will likely be Uber may go public in , but it won't be because it needs the money.

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By Sara Ashley O'Brien October 21, AM ET. Uber may be Kalanick said Uber is currently in its "junior high" stage of development, and that talk of going public now is like "telling us to go to the prom." "It's just a little early," he said.

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Uber, which is moving toward a public debut next year, said its net SAN FRANCISCO — Uber is still working to stem its losses ahead of going public next Uber said Uber Eats, its food delivery business that started in

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Leaked documents indicate Uber plans to go public within 18 to 24 months, in the tech startup world would go public before the end of

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Ride-hailing firms Uber and Lyft are both expected to go public in , and Lyft is racing to get there first. The Wall Street Journal reported.

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Investors are very excited about the possibility of an initial public offering sheets, their stocks can realize strong gains when Uber's private stock goes up. Prior to Alibaba's IPO in , Yahoo! saw strong gains thanks to its.

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Uber, Lyft and Slack are among the tech companies expected to go round in left it with a reported $20 billion valuation, but the IPO.

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Uber will soon have raised more than $12 billion and is worth more than $60 How Uber cleverly controls its stock so it won't have to go public anytime soon — unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Google 12, , AM.