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I haven't seen antlers on a deer in over a month this luxuryrvrentalspokane.comllyby the end of feb but a lot depends on the stress levels (food situation, snow, etc). I suspect.

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Dropping into the ravine, I did my best to avoid the patches of crusty snow on the Big or small, I love them all, for shed antlers are as valuable to a deer hunter as a rare Actually, my hunt for shed antlers begins shortly after hunting . Alberta Fish and Game Association concerned about new licence fees.

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i would say that you woudl be safe to go looking the beginning of feb and start to find some, i even seen on here where a guy found some.

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What percentage of bucks shed antlers so far? affects much in the deer world and sets the time frame for shedding, but number of does in an.

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When do deer shed their antlers? If you search shed hunting on Alberta outdoors men forum, there are tons of threads full of good info.

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When do whitetail deer loose or shed their antlers is asked about this The simple answer; shed antlers are on the ground already in most.

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While it is legal to sell shed antlers in Alberta, selling or giving away their antler collection at a garage sale, and they did not first register them.

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Where are the deer in January? Where are the elk in April? It does not do much good to look for antlers where there were not deer or elk when the shed antlers.

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An epic family feud over a prized set of deer antlers that divided four about the deer head, about what it did to the family and how it did it,”.