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At its best, YouTube and other social media sites are great ways to connect with friends, stay informed about current events, and learn new.

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Most people don't seem to consider YouTube a social network, but they If it is, media teams could start including the platform in their Social.

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It's a problem that extends beyond YouTube as a platform to streaming and social media at large, where large platforms tiptoe around the.

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As the world's largest video hosting website, YouTube has had impact in many fields, with . The resulting extensive media coverage was controversial: though . the country's problems with due legal process and restrictive Internet laws.

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YouTube has a dirty little secret that many users have already As part of an ongoing investigation into the whole “fake followers” aspect to social media, news” problem, then YouTube definitely has a “fake views” problem.

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Discover five ways to get more views for your YouTube videos. social media platforms to poll your audience and discover problems you can.