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I'm the real party man, watch me do my dance (watch me) I'ma whip den dabb. Pipe it up then stab. I'ma bring back down we gon' turn it back.

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Ooh watch me Imma whip then dab (then dab) Pipe it up then stab (then stab) Imma bring it back down (back down) We gon turn it back round.

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Lean & Dab + Hit The Quan, Whip & Nae Nae - Watch Me Whip Watch Me Dab Can you whip can you dab can you pipe it up and style leg up leg down.

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Imma whip then dab. Pipe it up then stab. Photo. HIT THAT BIT FOR THE GRAM - Mighty Mike Dance Cover Twin Version #HitThatBitForTheGramChallenge.

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Get lyrics of Imma whip and dab pipe it up then stab song you love. Learn every Tryna get as high as me nigga, then where the fuck is your scalpel at? Niggas.

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"I'ma whip then dab, pipe it up then stab" (when he says stab is when you would hit the folks). by Therealbbyg dude I bet you can't hit the folks like me. by whip.

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Stream Jaysus- Whip And Dab (pipe it up) New dance song!!! by susmoneyent Nasa Raja - Sinan Sakic - Ne Zaboravi Me (Murris M. & Deniis M. Remix ).

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Does The “Whip/Nae Nae” Being A Manufactured Hit Hint That The Music . I can't even recall hearing the term 'dab' until Migos's “Pipe It Up” off their Ural: Silento's success with “Watch Me (Whip Nae Nae)” could be an.