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The Zinc Taste Test is an easy, inexpensive, in-office and in-home testing method to assess zinc status1 based on studies of taste and smell to assess zinc.

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J Altern Complement Med. Jun;18(6) doi: /acm The accuracy of the Zinc Taste Test method. Gruner T(1), Arthur R.

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There are several ways to test zinc levels. One that I am a fan of due to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness is the zinc sulfate taste test. All you do purchase a.

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Zinc is an essential nutrient with many functions. Test your physiological zinc levels with a quick DIY taste test.

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The BePure Zinc Taste Test is our own functional taste test for assessing zinc levels. It is one of the first tests we do with clients at the BePure.

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Do you have white spots on your nails; poor immune function; stretch marks; skin rashes; fertility issues; low libido? You could be low in zinc!.

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Zinc in your diet has many health benefits in terms of fertility, night vision, wound healing, immune function, anti-inflammatory. We provide zinc testing.