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For the species known as the "European asp", see Vipera aspis. European asp, Vipera aspis. "Asp" is the modern Anglicisation of the word "aspis," which in antiquity referred to any one of several venomous snake species found in the As he was flying over Egypt, some of her blood fell to the ground which spawned asps.

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Chrysopelea, more commonly known as the flying snake or gliding snake, is a genus that belongs to the family Colubridae. Flying snakes are mildly venomous, .

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Common Name: Flying Snakes. Scientific Name: Chrysopelea Flying snake is a misnomer, since, barring a strong updraft, these animals can't actually gain.

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Dragon Fly The true asp was a most venomous reptile, whose bite was followed by dimness of vision, The term adder is used in the Scriptures to describe several species of snake. It is from the Anglo-Saxon noedre, a snake or serpent, and is the common English name for Vipera berus, L, the common viper, which is.

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Call the Poison Center at for instructions on all snake bites. Western A wasp can extract the shaft from the victims flesh and fly off. Asp. Most stinging caterpillars belong to the insect family known as flannel moths. Flannel.

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They are tree-dwelling snakes (their name means "tree snake" in It is thought that the asp Queen Cleopatra allegedly used to commit suicide.

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The name for the non-aggressive Snakefly stems from their physical needle- like ovipositor used to deposit eggs into tree bark crevices or dirt.

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What's the difference between the world's deadliest snake and world's most venomous snake? Check out International Danger Quotient for answers.

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Waterdeep News: Flying Snake Seen in Sea Ward. long-ago clerk who devised them, and often called "allcloak licenses" because they cover.