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Knowing Elvis' plans for his middle name, Aaron is the spelling his father in the eighth grade at Humes High School, as Elvis Aaron Presley.

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Answer: When Elvis was born, his parents chose "Aron" as his middle name. However, when his birth certificate was recorded with the state, his middle name was mistakenly spelled "Aaron," unbeknownst to the Presley family. When Elvis was older, he wished to change "Aron" to "Aaron.

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Elvis' birth certificate listed “Aron” as his middle name. [1] Elvis Aaron Presley - Elvis' middle name, is it Aron or Aaron? Views · View 2.

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Was Elvis' middle name Aaron or Aron? The answer: both. The King's middle name was in honor of his father's friend Aaron Kennedy, but the.

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So, it might be completely insane, but we are seriously considering Elvis if our 2nd child is a boy. 1. Juniper and Elvis sounds like a really cool.

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Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, – August 16, ) was an American singer and actor. . The family attended an Assembly of God church, where he found his initial musical inspiration. .. The shows were poorly received by the conservative, middle-aged hotel guests—"like a jug of corn liquor at a champagne party".

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Clue: Elvis's middle name. Elvis's middle name is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times. There are related clues (shown below).

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All of the above "official" documents indicated that Elvis' official middle name was "Aron"! So why would Vernon and Gladys give their son with this name?.