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Middle Ages: hayballs, a scraper/gompf stick kept in a container in the privy. Early Americans: rags, newsprint, paper from catalogs, corncobs.

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Public Restrooms in Ancient Rome – A sponge soaked in salt water, on the end of a stick. This was also called a 'gompf stick' and all those who used the toilet.

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I remember as a kid being entirely revolted by the idea of Romans using a gompf stick, essentially a stick with a sponge on one end soaked in salt water, to clean.

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In Roman times, they used what was called a 'gompf stick' - a sponge on the end of a stick, which was kept in a container, containing salt water, in the privy.

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Interesting Information: During the Middle Ages a "gompf stick" could be found in a pail by the bathroom (latrine, outhouse, privy). Its function was to scrape off.

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But by the Middle Ages, the English were using hay balls or a “gompf” stick. (Yep. It's just a stick for scraping away the well, you know.) • In warm months, Inuits.

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I lived in Japan for over a year, never saw a stick in anyone's toilet. Middle Ages – hayballs, a scraper/gompf stick kept in a container in the.

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Other people in the Middle Ages used "gompf" sticks, which were designed to, uh , scrape. (Yikes!) -;- Early American settlers used corncobs. We have no.

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In the middle ages they used something called a "gompf stick" which was just an actual stick used to scrape. Wealthy Romans used wool.