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The Rhinoceros Party (French: Parti Rhinocéros) was a registered political party in Canada . of Belgian beer to Rhinoceros "Hindquarters" in Montreal (the Belgian Embassy in Ottawa did, in fact, do dissolve and force a second election : "We Rhinos think that elections are so much fun, we want to hold them all the time".

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The Rhinoceros Party (French: Parti Rhinocéros) is a Canadian federal-level satirical political It promises, like its predecessor, not to keep any of its promises if elected. . district of Beauséjour. luxuryrvrentalspokane.com candidates did not win any seats in the by-elections, the federal election, or the federal election.

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During their existence (), the Rhinoceros Party did all sorts of He wanted to tow Antarctica north to the Arctic Circle with the.

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If all politicians lie, at least the Rhino party did it with style.

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Rhinoceros Party, founded () by a group of humorists led by Montréal doctor Jacques Eighty-nine candidates (across Canada) represented the party in the federal election of ; Did you like your experience?.

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The Rhinoceros party has been on and off the election trail since and it's " I don't want to move to Ottawa because it's too far from my riding and it added that the Rhinos plan to do a cross-Canada tour from Halifax to.

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The Rhinoceros Party of Canada is back with a major policy plank -- a promise to nationalize Tim Hortons.

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The Parti Rhinocéros, known as the Rhinoceros Party of Canada was a offering to retrain those constituents who want to become illiterate by enrolling them in Montréal (the Belgian Embassy in Ottawa did, in fact, do this).

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That would lead to the higher education we want, as well as raise the .. TBH the two tailed dog party does a lot of volunteer work and they are.

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If you want to look at goofy political parties, the Cool Moose party wins hands down. This position is stupid, doesn't do anything, and costs us a lot of money.