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Ratification is a principal's approval of an act of its agent that lacked the authority to bind the The term applies to private contract law, international treaties, and constitutions in federal states such as the United States and Canada. The term is .

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Ratification. The confirmation or adoption of an act that has already been performed. A principal can, for example, ratify something that has been done on his or.

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If you've ever asked, "what is ratification in law," it's the process of agreeing to or confirming a specific legal action. Ratification Law and Legal Definition.

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Definition of ratification: Acceptance or confirmation of an act or agreement that was signed (executed) by the confirming party itself. A treaty, for example, is not.

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A person who is under the legal age to enter into a contract may ratify (and thereby adopt) the contract Definition from Nolo's Plain-English Law Dictionary.

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Ratify definition is - to approve and sanction formally: confirm. How to use ratify in a sentence. Kids Definition of ratify.: to give legal approval to (as by a vote).

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Ratification definition, the act of ratifying; confirmation; sanction. See more.

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Ratification is the official way to confirm something, usually by vote. It is the formal validation of a proposed law.

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You are most likely to hear the word ratify when talking about laws. In the US, Congress writes bills, but they need to be ratified before they become law.