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Also, are there brands or types of "DCC ready" locos that are much more . Quite often I use Google when I do no know what a term means.

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DCC Ready means it has a DCC socket with no decoder. Thus, a DCC Ready loco is effectively a DC (Direct Current) loco for use with an Analogue DC (non.

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On some locomotive packages seen in the hobby shop there will be a badge proclaiming DCC Ready. This does not mean the locomotive has.

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As Ron states in his article the naming system will not always match that of a DCC Equipped means a locomotive is universally DCC equipped — they all.

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“DCC ready” means that there is a socket suitable for inserting the decoder This contrasts to a model that is not DCC ready where minimally rewiring will be.

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This means the locomotive is ready to be used on a DCC controlled layout. It also means it is not suitable to be used on a conventional DC/Analogue layout.