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salamanders, which are amphibians, and lizards, which are fish eat salamanders and compete for the same . insects, worms, and other animals they find in.

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A salamander's diet largely depends on its environment, as some species spend their whole lives underwater while some live on the land. In fact, salamanders.

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Red-backed salamanders are amphibians with long, slender bodies and long tails. north from southern Quebec and the Maritime Provinces in Canada to Minnesota. centipedes, millipedes, beetles, snails, ants, earthworms, flies, and larvae. are pulse feeders, which means they eat large amounts when conditions are.

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There are also "barred" tiger salamanders with vertical yellow stripes running down the Tiger salamanders eat worms, snails, insects, and slugs in the wild.

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Jul 14, Most other Minnesota salamanders have five toes in back. Belonging to a family of lungless salamanders, four-toed adults are limited to Adults eat small invertebrates such as ticks, ants, beetles, spiders, snails and worms.

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May 8, Adult blue spotted salamanders eat just about everything I stumbled across ants, centipedes, and millipedes all are food for the salamanders.

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Apr 30, By eating shredding invertebrates, ants and larvae that make a living by ripping up the plants around them, salamanders are giving the trees a.