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Depending on where in Germany you stay you will find a big variety of traditional and comfort foods. The area around Hamburg is know for fresh fish dishes.

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What better way to explore German culture than creating your own German food specialties? Here is a list of the top 10 German foods and some of the best.

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Invited to a German Christmas dinner and don't know what to expect? Forget about Turkey with cranberry sauce, say goodbye to mince pies and Christmas pudding and embrace these Teutonic holiday specialities. In some parts of Germany the traditional Christmas Eve victuals are just.

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Below is a list of dishes found in German cuisine. Contents. 1 Famous dishes. Baden- Currywurst remains one of the most popular fast foods in Germany.

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Bratwurst, one of the most popular foods in Germany. The KaDeWe in Berlin, one of the largest delicatessen markets in Europe. The cuisine of Germany has evolved as a national cuisine through centuries of social and.

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Germany has a long culinary history reflecting its rural roots and geography. Over the years, German food has evolved as a national cuisine.

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Perhaps daydreaming of food will entice you to travel to Germany and explore You can find some of the below mentioned dishes there, or make them yourself.

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Continuing our series on unmissable dishes in popular destinations, our Germany expert reveals his favourites. See previous articles for the.

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German food is divine, so why not try 50 of the best during your next trip? These are treats your stomach won't want to miss out on.

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29 delicious foods everyone should eat in Germany The ideal side to any wurst or schnitzel is some kartoffelsalat, or potato salad. Unlike in.