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Hughes Tool Company was an American manufacturer of drill bits. Founded in , it was Howard stated "The tool company was my father;s success, and it always will be. the "new" Hughes Tool Company while the remaining divisions of the business were placed in a new holding company, the Summa Corporation.

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Howard Robard Hughes Sr. (September 9, – January 14, ) was an American businessman and inventor. He was the founder of Hughes Tool Company. . Hughes The Private Diaries, Memons and Letters. Phoenix Books, Inc. p.

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The Hughes Tool Company was the foundation of the fortune of Howard R. Hughes Jr. It was founded by his father, Howard R. Hughes Sr.

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H Hughes sells on Dec 7 oil-drill bit division of Hughes Tool Co for $million Howard Hughes sold his oil well drilling‐bit business yesterday for Inc., handled the 5 million‐share sale of the Hughes Tool Company and it.

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In , Howard Hughes sold the Hughes Tool Company; it had been the of the business were placed in a new holding company, the Summa Corporation.

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Photograph by Matthew Savins/Kirkley Photography, Inc. It's made by the Hughes Tool Company, of Houston. This bit's ancestor, the two-cone rotary rock drill bit, was invented by Howard Robard Hughes, Sr., an Iowa boy who drifted to .

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restored. Historic name: Hughes Tool Co. Reliefs on the building depict the self -sharpening oil well drill bit that was the source of Howard Hughes' fortune.

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Sharp founded the Sharp-Hughes Tool Company to manufacture Hughes's the company, Howard Hughes, Sr., must have seen the need to document all.

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They were the R and W in what would become TRW Inc. The electronics division of his firm, Hughes Tool Co., became the Hughes Aircraft Co. The second organization would become the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.