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Lack of hygiene is not how I wish to convey that I'm a laid-back person. It's not because I'm shallow. I don't dress well and take care of myself.

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It's not really a mistake or a failure to learn from mistakes, it's carefully crafted by What is wrong when I'm doing something and forget what I'm supposed to do?.

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I've thought about asking someone I trust if there IS something I'm doing wrong that I could fix, that I am just not getting something socially but.

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I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong that im doing that is making my gameplay bad (dieing to much, not judging I'm new to this, too.

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It is a different game (and FPP rather than TPP) but I'm not totally clueless. I've got a lot of hours of PUBG and a fair number of chicken dinners.

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Hello Everyone! I am so confused on what I am doing wrong. Please help me. I keep getting an error message that says that not all arguments.