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Sweden was formally a non-belligerent nation throughout World War II, but saw considerable . In addition to these weapons, Sweden also possessed 9 unspecified heavy anti-aircraft guns with a caliber of mm.

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police troops in Sweden during World War II the recruits only had light infantry weapons, but later.

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This is a list of weapons used by the Swedish Army. Contents. 1 Armour; 2 Small arms; 3 Fire Ak 4 battle rifle (Heckler & Koch G3) in versions (Currently used by Hemvärnet (Homeguard) only). Ak 4; Ak 4B New version with red dot sight.

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Sweden played a role of major importance during the Cold War, despite not officially Unknown, –present, Modern standard-issue assault rifle .. The Swedish navy maintained 7 coastal defense ships after World War II, though some.

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They were one of the most important anti aircraft guns of WW2. .. As for the original post: in Sweden mobilised an army of , men.

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Index of all weapons used by all nations during World War 2. Sweden. Flag of Sweden. Australia. Flag of Australia. Poland. Flag of Poland. Romania. Flag of.

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Swedish armor of WW2 and the interwar, tanks from Landsverk, armored cars from Scania-Vabis and Volvo, 37mm Bofors Anti-Tank Gun. The Swedish Army. The first permanent standing Swedish Army (Armén) was founded in