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Death by suicide has increased at an alarming rate in recent decades. whereby doctors or nurses ask patients questions about suicidal thoughts. . if they identify someone close to them as having some risk for suicide.

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We wanted to know what questions to ask someone who is feeling suicidal, so we asked members of our mental health community to share one.

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No expression of suicidality is to be underestimated.

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You must be absolutely sincere in your approach to a potentially suicidal person. Don't be afraid to ask the questions in the list below. From the ans.

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These sentiments are warning signs that a person is thinking about suicide, also What kind of questions can you ask someone if you are worried about their.

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How to assess someone who may be at risk of suicide You may want to ask about a number of topics, starting with more general questions and gradually.

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The first comes from studies that ask people about suicidal thoughts and randomly assigned participants to answer questions about suicidal.

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accurate at spotting suicide-minded people who otherwise might fall through the cracks. And the scale - which includes a set of five simple questions - can be .

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Asking someone about suicide is not harmful. There is a common.