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If you are using a StudioLive Ai mixer, make sure you have gone These instructions will help you connect your iOS device with SL Remote or QMix to control.

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Before setting up your iOS device permissions, make sure to setup your network and read the overview for the Networks connection types on your StudioLive AI.

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StudioLive® Remote for iPad, available free from the Apple App Store, provides wireless As long as you have a wireless connection between your iPad® and.

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For troubleshooting existing StudioLive Ai networks already setup, please see StudioLive Ai mixer and its proper function for networking your iOS devices and.

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Check out this video from PreSonus detailing the process for connecting your StudioLive AI board to your wireless device, such as an iPad, via.

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To set up StudioLive Remote for your iPad, you're going to want to create a peer- to-peer network (a type of network connection between two.

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Download PreSonus QMix®-UC and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. QMix-UC can connect to any StudioLive Series III and AI-series mixer on the mixer (AI, AI, AI, RM/RML32AI, RM/RML16AI) connected to.

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remote controlled by iOS devices and. OS X and Windows computers when connected to the same wireless router network. The StudioLive AI's pro-.

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Mute Groups (StudioLive AI only) — Creating a connection, a few microphones and cables, speakers, and your instruments, and you are ready to QMix™-AI remote aux-mix app for iPhone®/. iPod touch®.

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before trying to connect your StudioLive to your computer, iPad, or mobile device. StudioLive AI-Series console mixers: AI, AI, and AI.