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Check in the Phone app settings that outgoing calls have not been barred. it would dial out then a few seconds later hang up without ringing.

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I can't make calls from my phone they hang up right when they answer at the other end need help pls.

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And even if it isn´t enabled: Phone shouldn´t hang up first call if somone tries to call My wife told me later that she tried to call me thre times.

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Does your phone play the radio after you hang up? common among carriers and if it does happen you may want to sodt reset you phone and try calling again.

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I don't know if it's the phone or the carrier, but whenever I try to call someone or someone calls me, the call will hang up without a dial sound.

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To reject the call and send a text message to the caller, swipe up from the Message icon New To pause a conversation without hanging up, tap Hold Hold.

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Hi I'm have trouble with my e optimus g. Every time I try to make a call my phone immediately hangs up. I have full bars for signal.

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If I want to call somebody, my Samsung Galaxy S6 says: “Call ended”. If you go up out of the basement of your house and then want to make directly a call the.

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For two weeks now, every time I make a call, it immediately says "Call Ended" then redials the number a second time. Anyone experienced.