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State of Iraq and Levant (in Arabic, -is-Sham) (ISIL/ ISIS - Dawla . predominantly Yezidi towns of Solagh, Amadin, Khocho, and Mazar.

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Middle East, including Syria and Iraq; the rise of ISIS; and the .. pilgrims circle around the tomb, touching the silver grid and praying, often.

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Every bit of ISIS destruction had been terrible to witness, but somehow The tomb, one of Iraq's iconic monuments, was revered by Muslims.

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The group now controls parts of Syria and Iraq as part of a plan to Last month, Islamic State pulverized the Tomb of the Girl, a monument to a girl who is.

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Unverified photo of ISIS element destroying grave of Prophet of prophet Yunus (biblical Jonah) mosque and tomb destroyed by ISIL terrorists.

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The Islamic Sites of Mosul, Iraq are of varied ages, the oldest being the Umayyad Mosque from AD. and the modern being the Mosul Grand Mosque. The following mosques and shrines were destroyed by Islamic State (also known as ISIS, . The tomb was destroyed in by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

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same time Iraq is torn between Iran and the USA with each side demand- ing loyalty and .. where in September of or after the final defeat of ISIS. . other sacred mausoleum of a huge symbolic importance ό the mazar of Shi-.

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An ancient city gate in Amadiya, in the Kurdish region of Iraq. In June , ISIS overran it and the group's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, .. Others walked around Adi's tomb, chanting; holy water burbled up from deep.