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Definition - What does Loop mean? FREE WEBINAR - March 12, 00am EST | Managing Multiple Database Roles: How Many Hats Do You Wear?.

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In computer programming, a loop is a sequence of instructions that is continually repeated until a certain condition is reached.

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Sep 26, A loop is a sequence of instructions that are executed many times, each time a different set of data. In the Assembly language, loop is used for.

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In most computer programming languages, a do while loop is a control flow statement that This means that the code must always be executed first and then the expression or test condition is evaluated. . The PL/I DO statement subsumes the functions of the post-test loop (do until), the pre-test loop (do while), and the for.

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Feb 21, userHasHitAKey ()) /* Do nothing */ ; [/code] which will sit there doing nothing until someone hits a key on the keyboard. It's an “empty” loop.

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loop definition: 1. the curved shape made when something long and thin, such as a You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics.

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A plane can loop the loop in the sky when turns in a vertical circle. You'll need to circumnavigate a loop-the-loop and pull off an aerial chip over a ramp.

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Jul 19, Visual Basic loop structures allow you to run one or more lines of code repetitively. You can repeat the statements in a loop structure until a.