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Scott Thorson is an American best known for his relationship with and lawsuit against the A teenaged Thorson met Liberace in through his romantic friendship with dancer Bob Following his release from prison in , Thorson gave interviews about his relationship with Liberace, one with Howard Stern, in June.

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The Last Time Scott Thorson Saw His Ex-Lover Liberace | Where Are They Now | OWN. by OWN. Howard Stern Show 17 June /Scott Thorson.

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Scott Thorson, 54, acknowledged in Washoe District Court that he's a meth addict Scott Thorson, 54, former lover of Liberace, plagued by drug addiction . Terrence Howard 'had a "meltdown" on Empire set after Jussie Smollett's .. carpet Bizarre interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live's Guillermo Rodriguez.

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'I was Michael Jackson's lover': Liberace's boyfriend Scott Thorson makes with Jackson after he gave an interview to The National Enquirer back in . Terrence Howard 'had a "meltdown" on Empire set after Jussie.

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The real Scott Thorson has an interesting life - besides the fact that he was Howard Stern: In every interview Thorson is talking about his relationship with Liberace and with.

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Film Critic Scott Birmingham has an extended interview with Liberace's The Last Time Scott Thorson Saw His Ex-Lover Liberace | Where Are They Now | OWN.

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I swear, Howard Stern has an unhealthy obsession with MJ's sex life. Click to expand If Scott is .. Lamont and Tonelli - Scott Thorson Interview

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Scott Thorson knew the high life as Liberace's lover and the low life as his ex. Mr. Thorson during a videophone interview at the Washoe County jail in . and in , was shot three times in a room at a Howard Johnson's.

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In , Scott Thorson, Liberace's year-old former chauffeur and live-in lover His most notable interview was with Howard Stern on Monday, June 17,

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Howard announced that, with the launch of his beautiful new website, he really wanted to start blogging but writing something out is also a pain.