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I develop any nearby Iron Resources asap, switch to Production and What's your Japan strategy? I would play Japan as a tall dominant civ. I would advice building about >5 cities with each trying to be over pop.

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This guide goes into plenty of detail about Japanese strategies, uniques Wide empire - A high number of cities with a low population each. You may discover a way of utilising the Civ more effectively in unconventional ways. .. At a range of 5 or more tiles, it's completely impossible for a land unit to hit.

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We'll shoot for four cities and a National College by turn Sid Meier's Civilization V There are multiple ways to accomplish this build, but this version works very well. . Wroclaw and Lodz are a little close, but they're in a prime position to defend us from Japan. +4 Science, +5 Gold -- not bad.

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Here, I detail Japanese strategies and counter-strategies. building which may only be constructed in the cities of a single civilization, All land and naval units gain +5 strength in land tiles adjacent to the sea, lake tiles and.

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Japan has military bonuses for coastal tiles, but I have never started near to civ5's Japan, but is nowhere near enough of a bonus to compensate for the strategy of cramming cities as close as you can, and that may pay off.

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Many players assume that this means that India must be played with a The occupied city penalty is 5 unhappiness versus a non-occupied.

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Wed. Jan. 2 0 1 5. Civilization V - Oda Nobunaga, Leader of the Japanese Civilization . It may be advisable to camp a couple Samurai in your cities and never upgrade them, so you will have them in case you.