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A quality Jason hockey mask blank. I've searched endlessly, and happily I must say the best I could even find happened to be the most.

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Painting and Weathering a Jason Mask - Friday The UPDATE: Etsy link to more masks I made. After last Halloween I decided to make a custom Jason mask.

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Did you come across this site, which discusses the techniques that the set designer of part 3 remembered using to weather the hockey mask.

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For all things related to the Friday the 13th including the man, the myth, the legend - Jason Voorhees himself; the films; the mythology; novels;.

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For this project, you will need a hockey mask, white spray paint, black spray .. Whether or not The Purge franchise will be as successful as Friday the 13th.

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Fixing Part 6 Jasons Mask, Body, And Overall Design To Look Accurate To The Movie Part 6 The color and weather are VERY inaccurate.