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Airtel E (Huawei ECs-1) Latest Firmware Solution calculator then 35** ***** series modems as per new security algorithm of huawei.

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Download Airtel Huawei E | ECS-1 | ECS1 | 3g Dognle | Modem | Datacard | Driver | Software | Firmware | Unlock | Specification |.

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How to unlock airtel 3g dongle with imei series starting with , model no: ECs-1 & firmware version: I'm a new guy.

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But, recently when I was unlocking some Airtel ECs-1 Indian Modem, a few modems was asking for unlock code while putting another SIM on the modem but .

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How to Unlock Airtel 3G Dongle E This E Airtel dongle is manufactured by Huawei specially for Airtel with But you can unlock Huawei E Usb modem in 5 minutes and can run any G Airtel E (ECs-1) Downloads.

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Airtel ECs-1 3G modem unlock (IMEI******) Install and open DC-Unlocker And Select Huawei Modems in Manufacturer.