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So I'm upgrading to lb mono leader after attending one of Crazy Al's seminars, the only problem is it's a PITA to tie to an.

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As the title says, which knot do people use for lb mono which I use I have tied mono up to lb with both these knots and they tie up fine.

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I bought some expensive lb mono for leadersat the boxing day a 3 twist improved cinch to tie onto swivels, but the thickness of the mono.

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Northeast - How to attach 50lb mono to lb floro leader - I would like to attach 50lb mono to a long lb floro leader. I'd like to be able to.

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SportFishing and Charters Forum - knot for mono - i snell the mono gets heavier it gets harder to tie and my knots get crappier Once you get up toward lb, it's worth thinking seriously about using crimps instead.

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Clinch Knot is used to tie a hook, swivel, or lure onto your line. this knot for years for tying 30lb mono and to to lb leader material for.