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Click here to submit a ticket regarding How to Access DLC: Sir Hammerlock's Big note the first mission of Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, "Savage Lands", is.

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The area you fast travel to is called Hunter's Grotto it but I don't know I beat it on True Vault Hunter mode yesterday just to try the new DLC.

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If Crawmerax is killed during Playthrough 2 while You. Will. Die. is active, all subsequent enemies (DLC missions or not) will scale up to the maximum level of .

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Since you can start the DLCs any time, it's possible you went into True Vault Hunter Hammerlock's Hunt is a really tough DLC all around.

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It seems to me that your key problem is getting Sanctuary back. You need to zap the shield away before you can start knocking its health back.

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New Releases and all time favorites: RPG (Roleplay) Buy games and download for PC or Mac.