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There are an estimated half million people in the United States who use American Sign Language as their primary form of communication.

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Wow she sure likes to read a lot! One of my early thoughts while having holiday dinners with my hearing family and one deaf sister.

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Learn to sign Happy Holidays in ASL. Also learn to sign Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Hanukah, Christmas tree, Santa Clause, Happy New Year.

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Happy holidays and seasons: vocabulary in sign language. Learn some ASL vocabulary of season holidays: Christmas, Hannukhah, and such. Three-year-old .

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ASL: "holiday". "Holiday" is one of those concepts that have more than one signed version. The two main approaches to "holiday" are: 1. Use the "vacation sign.

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ASL videos and other resources for the #Holidays | See more ideas about Asl videos, Happy Holidays in ASL - LC Interpreting Services - Professional Sign.