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There is no beating the smooth, sharp lines that you get from a gel eyeliner. The good news is that a dry gel liner doesn’t have to be a dead gel liner. Swirl your eyeliner brush around in your gel pot to start mixing in the eye drops.

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They're always so pigmented and glide on so smoothly. There's a way to revive cream and gel eyeliner so you can continue using it on the.

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Bring dried out old eyeliner back from the dead with these genius tips. the soft, creamy lines that only gel liners can create—but we hate the way that the little pots dry out as soon as they're exposed to air. Dip your liner brush into the oil, then work it around in the gel liner. .. I even revive my old dried out liquid eyeliner!.

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Never mind the shaky hands–your cat eye is only as good as your eyeliner. Liquid liner pens are the popular way to go (unless you're a die-hard brush/gel user).

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No matter how many time you tell yourself you will always put the cover back on the brand new gel eyeliner you just purchased, lets face it.

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Do all of the above, and still have your gel liner dry up right before your very eyes , even before you hit half of the pot. And we're talking about a.

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Now, I've mentioned a couple times before that my favorite type of eye liner are the cream/gel liner pots you apply with a brush. I think they're.

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Anyone who's into gel liners knows just how revered Bobbi Brown's Long Wear offerings are, and they're lauded for a reason: they're blimmin'.

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Gel liner smudge How to revive your dried out eye liner pot. Whether you're just starting to figure out the wonderful world of makeup, or have been coating.