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A smart list of packing tips from a fashion editor who moved from Sydney to New York with one bag. MORE: A Step Guide to Getting Rid of Clothes As a self-appointed expert on the closet cull, thanks to my big move overseas, this is.

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International Packing Checklist for Expatriates Moving Abroad. In order to Important Documents; Medicine; Electronics; Clothes; Toiletries; Miscellaneous.

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Moving abroad soon and don't know where to begin packing? Consider vacuum packing soft items like bedding and clothing to save space.

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Are you planning on moving abroad for 6 months or a year? Clothing. The aim here is to pack what is specialized or expensive, and.

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If you want your clothes to arrive in the same condition as when you packed them , try these tips on how to pack your clothes for moving.

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Can you find a way to pack your entire life for moving abroad? . peculiarities of the area you're moving to and pack only clothing and footwear.

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If you feel extremely overwhelmed at the idea of moving abroad, review this packing course which shows you specific techniques to plan around limited clothing.

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Learn about what you need before you pack for your overseas move, and other things to consider such as climate, living accommodations, and.

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Our step-by-step process outlines the best way to pack clothes for moving: Step 1 : Clean out your wardrobe. Step 2: Thoroughly wash and dry.

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How to Pack Clothes for Moving. Moving can be exciting and stressful. While it offers an opportunity for change and reinvention, it also comes with to-do lists and.