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We hear you. When we polled Good Housekeeping readers about their cleaning habits, it came through loud and clear that the bathroom.

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Say goodbye to rubber gloves and bleach! These easy hacks will change the way you clean your bathroom and keep it cleaner for longer!.

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Here are the facts: I don't have hours and hours to laboriously clean my bathroom every week.

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Writer Or Gotham shares a schedule and a handful of useful tips for keeping your bathroom permanently clean.

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Keep your bathroom cleaner between big cleaning jobs by following these few tips and tricks.

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Rid your bathroom of lurking germs with these bacteria-targeting tricks that work. . Once you have your toilet sparkling clean, you can keep it that way for up to.

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No more keeping that dirty brush under the bathroom sink! This system is a keeper and I bought one for every bathroom in my house." —Carol.