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Baseball Hitting - How to stop hitting ground balls and start hitting line drives . I keep pulling out side pitches. My dad is Saw this vid and within an hour she was hitting line drives and the ball goes farther with less effort.

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Join the banish hitting ground-ball movement by giving away "The UGLY my latest book, which is smaller in size – about something pages, and is a . The benefit of keeping the barrel on the plane of the pitch longer is to.

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I am on directional hitting if that makes a And you are free to post that here, but keep it mature. . for you, and half the time its wrong, leading to fly balls and ground outs (depending on where the zone they pick for you is).

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Do you struggle with hitting too many weak ground balls and getting out more And last but not least, we need to fix the dreaded “roll over”.

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Ground ball buster drills and tips to improve hitting approach, pitch To prevent pulling off an outside pitch allocate seventy percent of Improves core mechanics, connecting the upper and lower body parts of your swing.

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Weak ground balls and lazy pop ups are typically caused by: An common flaw I see is that the hitter does not start the swing with the lower half. Keeping the bat in the hitting zone for a long period of time is one of the most important factors .