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I have some mortality related data that I would like to perform binary logistic regression on using SPSS. Mortality is my dependent variable and I have various .

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If you want to get age-standardized prevalence expressed in %, you can use In this case you need data on how the WHO standard population is stratified, and.

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Just want to compare two groups adjusted by age, etc. Is it possible? Then the type of analysis is determined and you adjust by whatever variables you wish. Can you be more . How can I perform age standardization using SPSS? Question.

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Using SPSS to age standardise data - example from the Scottish Health and Community Care ยท Scottish Health Survey; SPSS Age Standardisation.

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Considering age is continuous, sex is coded as dummy variable then if y is your In SPSS a ZRE_1 variable will be computed once you tick standardized.

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I have data from a survey collected according to a complex sample. I also have proportions of a standardization variable such as age groups that I want to use to .

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I would like to create standardized values (z scores) for some variables, which involves subtracting the mean from each value and then dividing.

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The command below makes standardized values for mpg and weight (called zmpg and zweight). The save subcommand tells SPSS to make and save the.

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Exercise 1: Getting Started with SPSS SPSS can calculate this for you. The probability Tick the box for Save standardized values as variables, then click OK.

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The output viewer provides a useful starting point for your data preparation. For example, you might want to normalize the field AGE so that you can use a.