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Many underground nuclear blasts have also vented radioactive material into the atmosphere and left radioactive contamination in the soil.

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Nuclear weapons testing is defined in treaty language by specifying a space and time . Many of the Marshall Islands natives have since suffered from birth defects and have received some compensation thus sometimes called "Los Arzamas") to draft a number of documents about the history of the Soviet atomic program.

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The first man made nuclear explosion occurred on July 16, at Many other non-nuclear nations acceded to the Treaty following its.

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Since the first nuclear test on 15 July , there have been over 2, other nuclear weapons tests around the world. No other force.

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This interactive map, created by Esri UK, shows all successful nuclear detonations since the USA developed atomic weapons technology.

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On July 16, , the US conducted the world's first test of a nuclear weapon. Less than a month later, two bombs were dropped on the.

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A look at the biggest explosions in the 70 years since the first atomic To put the size of history's largest nuclear blasts to scale, we have used.

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The atomic bomb, and nuclear bombs, are powerful weapons that use To many observers, the world appeared on the brink of nuclear war in.

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From the enormous Tsar Bomba, detonated with the force of 3, Hiroshima explosions, to the Mk, the biggest thermonuclear device ever.