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Golf is Australia's number one participant sport and more than Aussies belong to a golf club. million people or approximately 10% of the adult.

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year, with 15% of clubs reporting more than 10% growth. • The Australian population base exhibits a much more even age spread than that of the club golf .

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over many years and their contribution has been important and is appreciated. On behalf of the Board and all golfers in Australia I'd like.

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While Australia has the third highest number of golf courses per capita in the world, many in the Australian golf industry believe strongly that.

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America still has almost half the golf courses in the world, though it is only 7th in Australia is the only other country to have over 1,

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Comprehensive golf course directory and course rankings for Australian golf arrangements and much more on Australasia's foremost courses and resorts.

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Golf in Australia dates to the first golf club in The PGA Tour of Australasia is the main men's tour in Australia. In women's golf, the ALPG Tour has operated.

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Australia has six of the world's best golf courses plus many more unique courses well worth playing all across the country.

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Here are the 10 best golf courses in Down Under, in the lovely land of Australia.