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15, BTU stating current 18 to 20 amphs. And running amphs will be around to 7 amphs.

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The answer to that question is very much determined by another: How big of a So a W generator can start your 13, btu air conditioner. Once the air.

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This is the reason why you need to know exactly how many amps your appliances draw. That's the figure for a 15, BTU unit. For instance, a 13, BTU air conditioner can draw around amps when set in cooling mode and

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Will the 30 amp service be enough to power the 15K AC, fridge and hot I know the AC will have to be off to run the microwave, and can live with that. . A 15k AC is nice, and does a much better job than a k, but in hot.

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Re: BTU AC Surge power requirements. Hi Mike, I can't exactly answer your question on how many amps your A/C will pull on start.

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In this article, lets see how much watts does an rv air conditioner draw and some other On an average a 15, BTU Air conditioner needs around to watts for . Where as a 13, BTU air conditioner will draw around 12 amps.