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How is Controlling an Airplane Different than Controlling a Car or Boat? Stability and control are much more complex for an airplane, which can move freely in.

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A variable speed pitch control (or vari-speed) is a control on an audio device such as a turntable, tape recorder, or CD player that allows the operator to deviate.

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Pitch control is the technology used to operate and control the angle of the blades in a wind turbine to adjust for wind changes.

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Pitch is directly related to frequency. A "high pitch" is simply a sound with a "high frequency" and a "low pitch" is, in turn, a sound with a "low.

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On a pitch controlled wind turbine the turbine's electronic controller checks the power output of the turbine several times per second. When the power output.

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In the first article we constructed sine wave oscillators that had one particular frequency: Hz, or the A4 standard note. In this article we'll see.