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Wondering what labor and delivery will be like with your second child? that of my midwife), this baby was going to come early, and when he did, it would be.

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First baby was three days early, second was 40w exactly. I don't think this one would come much earlier than that, but I am frustrated trying to.

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When I was pregnant with my second daughter, seasoned moms advised me that some symptoms would be different this time around.

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Find out everything you need to know about having your second baby. If you had a good experience, you're likely to be feeling relaxed about what's to come. But if you . before, this doesn't necessarily mean your next baby will be early too .

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But second time moms already know how to do it, so they will push more effectively Waiting for the baby to come never gets easier though. When the baby latches, your body releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps.

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One of the earliest differences a mother notices in her second pregnancy is that As a result, they can't support a baby as well as they did before, so the fetus.

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Read on to find out when your baby will make his appearance. Most women deliver between 37 and 40 weeks but that can feel like a big window when you're waiting for Baby to come! The second time around was another matter. My due .

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When I would share my prediction with other mothers, they would toss worked out great since my second baby arrived three weeks early.