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4 days ago In addition, the Hookshot can also be used as a replacement for the Boomerang by allowing Link to grab far away objects (like hard to reach.

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How can a small metal hook with a simple spring-loaded chain embed itself so deep into something that it can pull a fully-grown man after it.

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How do you use the hookshot, Zelda Ocarina of Time Questions and The hookshot will only work (on 3DS) if a red target with brackets.

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I wonder if the Hookshot can be made. If the world's That's not how physics works though you can't vent a force like that. The net normal force.

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I'm sure it could be, but what issues would prevent the hook shot from being .. in the end.. the 'real life' hook shot would look and operate.

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My best guess would be a grappling hook because both that and the hookshot serve the same purpose. However, the hookshot wouldn't work.

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yes i know that its not in the game (unfortunately) but i would want to know how much the game would be changed if link had a hookshot.