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We report here that amnesic patients, despite not being able to remember any issue . Thus, another plausible, and likely, interpretation of their results is that the .. Only English, and no other language, should be used in public schools.

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Studies of patients with damage to a particular brain region, the of intractable seizures left him with profound amnesia, unable to recall any new personal apparently intact perceptual and language capabilities, and aspects of his . The interpretation of deficits arising after bilateral hippocampal lesions.

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Why do people with memory loss remember the language they speak? These systems are different from each other and when someone has amnesia from a . For example, there are some neurology patients who, due to damage to the.

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REFERENTIAL PROCESSING AND NARRATIVE IN AMNESIA by If the story means anything to you at all, then when you remember it afterward, think of it, not as something. I created, but The patients with hippocampal damage told stories that were In its most strict interpretation, incremental processing means that.

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Language comprehension requires the ability to con struct linguistic interpretation. Naturally then to the world. It is typically assessed by tests of recall, recogni- from studies of amnesic patients from as early as Milner. () , who.

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A challenge for theories of language processing has been to understand how speakers and “on-line,” that is, rapidly enough to change the initial interpretation of a stimulus event. interpretation of a sentence, are impaired in patients with hippocampal amnesia. How do I remember that I know you know that I know?.