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The Committee will inquire into establishing a Modern Slavery Act in Australia brand Rip Curl which was found to be perpetuating slave-like practices as its .

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About years after most countries banned slavery – Brazil was the last to abolish its participation in the transatlantic slave trade, in – millions of men, women and children are still enslaved. Forced labour, people trafficking, debt bondage and child marriage are all.

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Roger Plant: It's hard to quantify, has been variously defined, and comes in a range of guises. So what denotes modern-day slavery?.

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Modern slavery is inflicted on millions of people all over the world. Find out what modern slavery is, all the contemporary forms it takes, and how you can help.

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Over the past year, scandals around what has been labelled slave labour in the .. of human trafficking, a criminal offence – defined as a form of modern slavery .

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Photographer Lisa Kristine found these boys in Ghana after they had already been working for 12 hours. As she writes in her book, "Slavery," it.