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Police officers who aspire to become homicide detectives can work toward their goal by following a few key steps. These include pursuing a bachelor's degree in .

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Responsibilities of a homicide detective include gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, conducting background checks on victims and possible suspects.

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Homicide detectives are integral to solving homicide cases. Any time a murder takes place, homicide detective reach the scene to survey what has happened.

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If the suspect is arrested at the scene, wait for the homicide detective to Persons to be excluded from the scene include law enforcement officers not as-.

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In order to become a police Detective, you must first become a police officer. . Areas of study include whole numbers manipulation, ratios, basic stats and basic .

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dropping, with presumably lower caseloads for homicide investigators, is to take this knowledge of homicide characteristics and trends and integrate it with.

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Research the requirements to become a homicide detective. Learn about the job description and duties, and read the step-by-step process to start a career in.

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Research what it takes to become a homicide investigator. Learn about training, responsibilities and education requirements to find out if this is.

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Specialties within this occupation include: Criminal Investigators and Special Agents; Immigration and Customs Inspectors; Intelligence Analysts; Police.