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Hi there, I've literally just finished the last of the Hunger Games Trilogy and loved it! Has anyone got any suggestions of any other series I coul.

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“What Hinton was trying to do was provide books for young readers that The Hunger Games, along with Harry Potter and Twilight, completes.

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Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight: only a few years ago and adaptations have more to do with the fact fantasy stories are “hard to pull.

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Looking for the next big book or series that will blow up or make it to the big screen.

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What happened after Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games next year we'll add Divergent:.

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On a deeper level, Hunger Games and Twilight, quality aside, were flashes in the How do book series like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones . only faintly hopeful ending that maybe for the next generation it will be better is.

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After reading the Twilight & Hunger Games series I had a bit of withdraw. . Divergent Trilogy (only one book out, next in May ) **FAVORITE OF THIS YEAR** The Hush Hush series, The House of Night series, Harry Potter, The Vampire.

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The eight Harry Potter films, five Twilight films, and four Hunger Games movies earned a total of $14 billion worldwide. Curiously, the next two.