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Even if you have a package system that includes freeglut, you may wish to manually install for a variety of reasons. A likely reason is simply that the latest version.

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The textbook examples rely on freeglut, so I suggest you install that one. You may find code that relies on GLUT that doesn't work with freeglut. The two libraries.

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How am I supposed to complete this kind of a build on a windows 7 machine? MSYS. Or use the VS solution in the VisualStudio\

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FreeGLUT is an open-source library implementation of GLUT. These steps helped me install and use FreeGLUT with both Visual Studio

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I'm assuming that you have Visual Studio installed or at least Visual C++ the files you just downloaded and open up the folder for FreeGLUT.

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I have just recently become a linux user and wanted to install freeglut to do my graphics assignments on my laptop. Although the install did not.

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Introduction to Freeglut. Freeglut is intended to be a % compatible, completely Install Freeglut by running the following commands.