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Try to figure out what the exact circumstances are when your vehicle's idle is rough. Does it happen on cold starts, after the car has been.

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The problem has developed into a very rough idle when the engine is cold and/or wet. If I let it run (misfiring and shaking badly), it will run.

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The engine starts to run rough once the last 1/2 inch of throttle is given. An induction leak cannot be located. Would a faulty sniffle valve be to.

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What do I do if my engine misfires and has a rough idle? of the misfire such as whether the engine is cold or has warmed up; the speed it occurs (low speed or.

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A hard cold start and poor engine idling thereafter can be caused by faulty engine sensors such as the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor.

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Weird issue with my Envoy (L L6) the last two days. On cold starts first thing in the morning, the engine idles rough (like a single cylinder.

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The quiet is shattered by the raucous little engine—the panel shakes, the wings shake, you shake. I ease in the It all checks, our hardworking little steed is running fine today. A final check It's early in the day, so it's not too rough. Afternoon.

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ENGINE IS COLD IT RUNS PERFECTLY - THEN ABOUT FIVE MINUTES THEN ABOUT FIVE MINUTES LATER WHEN FULLY WAR. When I unhook the brake booster hose the car runs when I hook it up the car won't idle.

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Another thing: it used to idle rough/shuddering, but if you revved it, even . Keep in mind that when the engine's cold, it runs in open-loop mode.

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The O2 sensor is a key piece of your vehicle's emission control and World War II tank Most newer vehicles have a heated element to the O2 sensor to compensate for when the engine is cold Poor fuel economy; Loss of power; Black smoke from tailpipe; Failed emissions test; Rough idle; Hesitation or.