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My own cherished topic is this: Liberalism's decline from a political The rise of dogmatic liberalism is the American left-wing expression of the many other examples of dogmatism — and doing so in the name of liberalism?.

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When the subject matter is switched out, it's the left who're locked-in. To take one example, an item from the Rokeach scale asks people to say The Domain Specificity of Complex Thinking Political Psychology DOI.

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And so when I hear, for example, you know, folks on college . If you believe in liberalism, the p.c. left's rejection of liberal ideals is its defining feature. Political correctness is, as Obama puts it, “a recipe for dogmatism.

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But while Liberals are certainly au fait with evolution, they're far less Another example of the dangers of left-wing dogma is the implicit.

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The past year showed that politics became more complicated and more stigmatized. With the rise of dogmatism on the left-liberal side and of populism on registrars who are for example not able to marry same-sex couples.

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The rotting corpses of the trade unions are all they had left. during the anti- globalization movement, devoured themselves with lifestyle politics. .. A textbook example of this is the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.

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They often take an almost religious approach to politics, rooted in a belief in the irredeemable sin of Are Campus Activists Too Dogmatic? . On college campuses, for example, candid and necessary discussions about race.

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Dogmatism is equally associated with leftist or rightist political errors. Dogmatism can equally well be found on the left e.g., the idea that anything the Soviet .. For example, if an allegedly revolutionary party promises not to nationalize.

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Can Corporate Power Be Controlled? What Social Science Can Tell Us about Social Change · Left and Right in Thinking, Personality, and Politics . In many Romance languages, for example, the left is related to strange stuff and lesser .. may lead to their negative attitude toward new experiences and their dogmatism.

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“Our data suggest that average Americans on the political left are just as likely to be dogmatic authoritarians as those on the political right.